Forest Gardening North of the 49th

with Master Forest Gardener, Herbalist, Permaculture Designer, and all around amazing human, Richard Walker

Saturday, September 14th / Sunday, September 15th, 2019 at the Ness Creek Site, SK

We know that Forest Gardening is an incredible model for resilient, regenerative food production, & it’s being proven again & again around the world… but what about here in Saskatchewan? Want to know how to make it really work in our climate? Join Richard Walker for the compelling workshop where you’ll learn master skills in forest gardening, effective water harvesting, plants for the prairies, site evaluation & design, basic herbal knowledge, plant propagation, pollination, disease control, & more!

In this course, you’ll learn what you need to know to avoid the usual pitfalls & overcome the obstacles of implementing a effective edible landscape system in our beloved, yet harsh prairie climate! The workshop will take place at the Ness Creek Forest Garden, Saskatchewan’s pre-eminent site for permaculture education & home to a forest garden, which is going into it’s 9th growing season. We’ve spent 9 years experimenting and have a lot to share about what to do, & what not to do!

After our June 2019 workshop completely filled and then some, we decided to invite Richard back in the Fall for another weekend of inspiration and wisdom! The September workshop is already half full so don’t hesitate to sign up!


The Workshop

This event is offered in partnership betweeen The Ness Creek Forest Garden, Wild Sky Adventure Learning, and the Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan. The workshop will be split between lecture / discussion style, and in the garden with hands-on learning & practical application demonstrations.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • General Concepts and scale / scope - determining what you’re working with!

  • Site evaluation   slope, elevation, sun exposure, water availability, frost, wind exposure, climatic zone.

  • Time frame - primary succession.

  • Resources -  money, labor, land.

  • Design – urban, rural, matching needs to wants.

  • Design layout & guiding principles.

  • Water & its use - ponds, swales, wells, delivery systems.

  • Pathways - buildings, walls, fencing.

  • Soil buiding, green manures, amendments, legumes, plant ploughs, soil tests, compost systems, mulches (pros / cons).

  • Species selection - all plants trees herbaceous and medicinal herbs.

  • Detailing a water catchment plan.

  • Using a mound (hugel) for growing.

  • Nuisance concerns  - damaging insects, animal damage, people damage.

  • Using wild plants.

  • Propagation  -  Seeds, cuttings, grafting and budding.

  • Tips for buying plants.

  • Constructing an alluring pollinator site   - nests, nectar plants.

  • Choice of tools - matching tools to actual need.

  • Medicinal herbs and how to use them.

This is a LONG list of topics, and isn’t even a complete list of everything Richard has expertise on. This provides a general framework for the topics that will be covered throughout the workshop. BUT - each participant will complete an entry survey so Richard can tailor his teachings to our specific group.

The Teacher


Richard Walker

Food forester, nursery-man, plant-explorer, edible landscape designer, herbalist, & forest gardening teacher with over 40 years experience.

About Richard Walker

Richard is a food forester, nursery-man, plant explorer, edible landscape designer, herbalist & forest gardening teacher with over 40 years’ experience. He is the author of “Food Forestry North of the 49th” the first book of its kind in Canada. He has designed community & private food forest gardens throughout Western Canada, spanning diverse climatic zones. He spent his early years rooted as an organic farmer in Alberta.  He later moved to Grand Forks BC where over 20 years he transformed his 3 acre property from a bare horse pasture into a lush self-sustaining forest garden with over 400 nut trees and seven storeys of food and medicine bearing perennial plants & vines. He grew most of these trees from seed. Having converted a degraded piece of land into an abundant mix of rare, unique nut, fruit and medicinal plants from all over the world, he is one of Canada's most experienced food foresters. The food forests he grows continue to be edible and medicinal botanical repositories of note.

Walker has a deep knowledge of herbal medicine and has developed herbal medicinal tinctures and teas for over 30 years. He shares his knowledge of plant biology to promote healthy living through the philosophy of food and herbs as medicine.

He lives in Osoyoos, British Columbia with his partner Karin where he is growing an arid climate food forest . He passionately believes in food sovereignty for all peoples and lives simply, using his skills to bring food from the soil to the table. In doing so teaches us how food and plants create a culture of true sustainability. In his own words “gardening for a 1000 years”.

He loves to share this vision as a model for communities and individuals who are inspired to grow themselves in environmentally friendly, self-sustaining ways.

Here’s a video from the June 2019 Forest Gardening North of the 49th Workshop

Details & Pricing

Dates & Arrival
Saturday, September 14th & Sunday, September 15th 9 - 6pm, Total Teaching Hours = 16

Plan to arrive to Ness Creek Friday night and get set up & settled for the weekend. Come join us around the fire or in the wood-fired sauna and let’s get the weekend’s discussion going. We will start first thing on Saturday morning!

Saturday Night Potluck
In the spirit of community, we will have a potluck on Saturday night. Please bring an easily, or already dish prepared to share with the group, make enough for about 10 people & we should have plenty of food! BYOB as well!

Your Investment is: $350, Early Bird before August 20th. Or after August 20th, $400.


  • High Impact Course Time with one of Canada’s Top Forest Gardeners.

  • A copy of Richard Walker’s newly released book Food Forestry North of the 49th ($39 value)

  • Hands-on learning in Saskatchewan most established forest garden.

  • 4 Hearty Meals (Breakfast & Lunch on Sat. / Sun.)

  • On-site camping in the beautiful boreal forest (Optional* Yyou can upgrade to canvas cottage or powered cabin. Click here for more information on the cabins - these must be booked separately through Discover Ness Creek.

  • Nursery plants to take back to your own growing space.

  • The healing & hope of time spent with in the forest, amongst plants, and the like-minded, visionary gardeners who believe in a future of regenerative agriculture & sustainable human settlement!

To Register* Please follow registration directions!

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  3. We’ll then confirm your registration and payment method. You can pay with Etransfer (to, pay online via Eventbrite (payment via Eventbrite available as of July 15th), or via cheque.

  4. Once we’ve received payment, your registration is finalized.

Questions About the Workshop?

Drop Us A Line :: Email or Call 306 480 9010.